Strategies - Action Items

Social Media will play a supporting role in all you do for the promotion of your books and booking you for events and activities.

Like the website and Content, All of the messages have to be consistent and clear to the reader. Currently, all three platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) have different descriptions. Not all bad, however, once we get the copy for the website dialed in then the copy for Social Media will be a simple process. We only have a few seconds to grab the attention and keep them reading so this is where we can make the difference by clicking away… to click and book a call.
What is the transformation we are working to communicate? People are less concerned what tools and technique you use as much as the results you're suggesting they will receive.

I recommend you create a list of 100 influencers that you can build a relationship and a connection with. Social Media can be Guilty by Association and if you're making comments, being commented about and building a community, it's easier when you are not to only one in the crowd.

We need to create several quotes and images we can schedule out to be placed on your social media feeds automatically to maintain a presence that you can return and make comments and follow people. I love Linkedin and recommend we review that in greater detail. Let's look at the list of 100 influencers and see where they are making the biggest impact and reverse engineer a few of steps that we see working.