Intent to Proceed Agreement


1. The Challenge

Many technology-based business owners, maybe like you, understand your business so well that it actually gets in the way of your ability to explain the value to a client.  Many times you have the opportunity to to work on improving your business and generating leads to grow and scale.  It’s challenging when you’re spending time on tasks that are not focused on your most effective use of time.   

2. The Purpose

The purpose of this engagement is to help through these challenges by creating systems that deliver your message and introduce you to the ideal candidate for your core business goals. 

We will work together as partners to develop a solution that works for your business goals, outcomes and results for booking new clients.

3. The Approach

We will work through the process and create a marketing solution to get you more at-bats with the ultimate goal to find new customers that need your unique services.

3.1. The 5 Stage Framework

We will be scheduling weekly calls and work through a time-tested framework for developing one-on-one conversations that you can use to book your ideal client. 

During our journey you will see a new way of developing relationships and conversations. It's really about developing a relationship and adding value to your your customer and finding out whether there is a good fit between the problems they're facing and whether you can help them or not. If there's not a good fit, no harm no foul. That's okay too.

3.2. Weekly Zoom coaching

We will meet weekly for one hour at a mutually convenient time via Zoom to rewrite the new marketing message.  Between weekly calls you will work on content.  If you need additional coaching during the week, I will make myself available at a mutually convenient time. I am offering a service tailored to you.

3.3. Lead Generation Coaching

As needed, we will we review the process and  provide coaching on messaging as part of the monthly engagement 

3.4. Needs and learning will be led by you

You will be expected to be actively engaged in the direction and planning of next steps and development of the messaging and coaching.   This is a partnership program that requires active participation.

3.5. Additional  resources from me

I will also offer you resources and connections, an accountability group, and I will personally exercise my network to promote you as appropriate.

4. Your Expected Outcome

After completing the roadmap you will feel more confident in connecting with prospective clients and they will understand your value and be able to quickly engage with you and you can decide if they are the right fit, or not. 

5. Cost
5.1. Monthly Retainer

This engagement is offered as a monthly retainer of $500 per month.   The engagement will start when the first payment is received online from a monthly subscription sent separately via email.

6. Changes to this engagement

As values and needs change throughout the engagement the scope and areas can be changed based on mutual agreement.  Agreement to changes should be documented and mutually approved in writing via email.

7. Termination

Either party can terminate this engagement with 30 days notice.

8. Marketing Permission

{Client} grants Russ Johns permission to use it’s name and logo in its marketing materials.