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A Proposal For:
Jeanne Sommer and Nick
[email protected]

Supporting the upcoming Book Launch and promotion

Book Launch and

your key to fun fitness

Welcome to Your New Fitness Website

Including Videos and Training for Adults and Seniors 

From Book To Website

The website will allow anyone from the book to discover the training material for the content

Videos and Paid Content

The website will  be designed to include both FREE and PAID content for the visitor

Updates and Add-Ons

The website will also include the opportunity to add upsells and also add new classes and content as needed.

Section 1
Developing the Site

The development cycle will launch on WordPress

  • Launch your domain
  • Set up hosting
  • Install any required plugins to deliver functionality
  • Upload the videos to a unlisted YouTube account
  • Create training and a paywall implementation process

Section 2
Create Training Sections

We will coordinate each training program to include:

  • A free introduction to the training
  • An offer to purchase the remainder of the training
  • An additional opportunity to purchase companion training
  • Optional opportunity to purchase a subscription to all content

Section 3
Connecting the payments

The training sessions and any paid material will require connecting payments to allow purchase

  • The implementation includes setting up payments 
  • Creating up the opportunity to purchase each course 
  • Setting up the access and notifications
  • Creating the environment to allow training to be purchased

Ongoing Maintenance and Support 

Training Courses and content will require ongoing support to expand the material and community. 
We will work together outline the requirements and budget.  

Blog Posts or More Information

Recommend we creating sales funnels and landing pages to provide a journey from Social Media 
Hosting, Plugins and Content will be provided by Client

Sign up and start transforming your book and content into revenue…

The Initial site and setup investment:
$1,000 Down and Balance on delivery of Phase I

Maintenance and support will be based on the requirements of the site. 

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