Sales With Sully

A proposal and recommendations on next steps and proceeding with your sales funnel using Dubb. 

Keeping It Simple

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this project and process. 
I've outlined a few details below and look forward to working together for our mutual success. 

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Enjoy the day


Implement the Mini-Course Framework for your content, connect Dubb and test the workflow.


Add Your training content with 4-6 lessons and create the drip sequence for the campaign.


Create the Call To Action and develop the content for the offer and the upsell on the thank you page.

Dubb Funnel Framework 

Our Approach

Develop a very clear message on what it is you're providing and how people can purchase or learn more (mini-course)
Once they sign up they will receive additional training and the opportunity to connect for coaching or you can nurture them going forward until they are ready to contract with Sully. 

Turn Contacts Into Contracts

  • Create the landing pages with a clear message
  • Create an offer page to allow people to sign up
  • Create a thank-you page to connect directly
  • Connect Dubb campaign to drip content 
  • Nurture and continue to promote the material

The Proposal: 
I Develop The Funnel
You Create The Content

We'll work together to promote the program and I'll support the technology and receive a 10% commission on sales for the support and maintenance of your funnel 

*Production Investment: $1,200 
$600 Down
Balance upon completion.

*Full Value $4,997

My Proposal & Offer:

  • Landing Page
  • Offer Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Course Introduction (Dubb Page)
  • Up to 6(SIX) Dubb Training Pages
  • Develop 20(twenty) Campaign Emails 
  • Implement Campaign Connections
  • Offer includes WordPress hosting
  • WordPress Theme and required Plugins

You Provide:

  • Dubb Account
  • Registered Domain
  • Training Content
  • Recorded Videos
  • Approval for Created Content